There’s no denying that the professional wrestling landscape has changed a lot over the last few years, and ever since the company was first announced the wrestling community has been talking about AEW.

Former WWE star Ariya Daivari recently joined the Wrestling Inc. Daily and he confirmed that All Elite Wrestling gets talked about a lot backstage in WWE.

“To me, AEW is doing pro wrestling, and that’s what the fans love. That’s what I love,” Daivari said. “That’s why I’ve really been liking it. They’ve been doing pro wrestling very, very well. [It was talked about in WWE] tons. Everybody was talking about, and it’s not necessarily just because it’s AEW, but I feel like people who really care about the job, they usually keep up with everything that’s going on.”

Daivari went on to say that he usually didn’t mention AEW to people in the office, and that he didn’t pitch ideas based on things he saw on AEW programming.

“I don’t think I would have ever went to Triple H or a writer and been like, ‘Hey, I saw this on AEW. Can we do this here?’ That’s usually more chatter amongst the boys. When it came to the office, I usually didn’t mention AEW. After I got released, I sent out a tweet saying, ‘Dante and Darius, those two kids from Top Flight on AEW are doing really well.’ They’re good friends of mine.”