Some people may not have noticed, but WWE entrances rarely have pyro anymore. In the past, several WWE Superstars have used pyro to give their entrance a boost of excitement, but most entrances today rarely use them aside from massive events like WrestleMania.

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Apparently, there is a specific reason why WWE officials don’t like to use pyro anymore for entrances. It’s being reported by Sportskeeda that the reason why is WWE officials want to cut down on costs and not using pyro for most entrances actually helps the company a lot.

Many fans started to take note of it after Brock Lesnar’s typical pyro was absent from his entrance during the Great Balls of Fire PPV. Aside from the financial reasons, WWE officials also don’t feel they need to use pyro anymore because it doesn’t add anything to the show.

At this point, a WWE Superstar adding pyro to their entrance would be a big deal because so few performers are using it now. It’s true that not every entrance needs pyro, but a lot of stars could use that small boost of excitement to get the fans ready for their match.