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The Commissioner of SmackDown Live, Shane McMahon, went into battle with his troops on Sunday night, and Shane was taken out of the match by Roman Reigns. Shane set Reigns up for Coast to Coast, and Reigns countered with a massive spear in midair that caused Shane McMahon to hit the mat hard.

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It was announced that Shane McMahon had been eliminated from the match, and then medical officials made their way into the ring to check on him. Shane McMahon was then helped to the back, and he looked pretty out of it as he was leaving the ringside area.

While Shane McMahon was being checked on, Randy Orton rolled out the ring to go comfort Shane’s son who was sitting in the front row.


Randy Orton received a lot of praise on social media for checking on Shane’s kid, and he let his followers know that he was just doing what he felt needed to be done.

As of this writing WWE has yet to make any official announcements in regards to Shane McMahon’s status, but as Orton noted in his tweet, it was clear to see that s**t went sideways.

Many fans on Twitter noted that they respect Randy Orton’s fatherly instinct after watching the show, but that’s not the only thing the former World Champion is being praised for following Survivor Series.

During the traditional 5-on-5 elimination match, Randy Orton also hit one of his best RKOs to date on Seth Rollins, and you can see it for yourself below.


DDP is no stranger when it comes to the RKO, as he spent years making the move famous while using the Diamond Cutter. The master of the Diamond Cutter took to Twitter to give Orton props for what was an undeniably awesome RKO.

Following his impressive performance at Survivor Series, Randy Orton will be taking some time off, as his wife will be giving birth to a baby girl shortly.

Randy Orton is expected to return at the November 29 SmackDown tapings next week.


  1. Lets face it, we all.know that all of this is rehearsed and practiced and as Randy Horton said, sometimes shit goes sideways. A young boy may not know the extent of the choreography and not realize that his Dad isn’t really hurt that much, that it’s mostly for the show.
    Randy Orton’s actions show he more than just another wrestling star, he’s also a family man with good instincts, by comforting Shane’s son.
    Randy Orton has moved up a couple of notches in my book.

  2. If Randy didn’t move up in any one’s respect book, then they need to take a long hard look in the mirror and notice that Shane McMahon’s Son was seriously scared for his dad there and Randy broke Character from Heel Orton with the Wyatt’s to Fatherly Babyface Orton to let his on screen boss’s son know that his dad would be ok.