Do you have a lot of friends?

People think you're...

Do you enjoy working on projects with other people?

If you were a wrestler you would be...

What's your favorite color?

Your ideal tag team partner would...

What's most important to you?

How do you feel about authority figures?

Would you rather be a singles wrestler or a tag team wrestler?

Which WWE Legend Is Your Tag Team Partner?
Stone Cold Steve Austin

Your partner is Stone Cold Steve Austin. You're both loners, but when you come together you make an awesome team that's ready to open up a can of whoop ass at all times.
The Rock

Your partner is The Rock. You're both charismatic and people just flock to you. You might have to fight for the spotlight, but that's ok because you both push each other to the next level.
The Undertaker

Your partner is The Undertaker. You're both intimidating powerhouses who know how to work as a team while letting the other do what they do best. Together you're unstoppable.
Macho Man Randy Savage

Your partner is Randy Savage. People know that when you two arrive they're in for something wild and special. Your energy just can not be contained and people consider you to be a fan favorite tag team.
Shawn Michaels

Your partner is Shawn Michaels. Together you know how to steal the show, and when it's all said and done your match will be the one that everybody is talking about.

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