kurt angle

Kurt Angle announced Jason Jordan was his long-lost son a couple of weeks ago and the news is still settling. But just because it’s settling doesn’t mean it’s being accepted. It was even difficult to get the story over in Pittsburgh, Kurt Angle’s hometown.

It’s like fans don’t want to let the story line ride but they don’t want to reject it either. Die-hard fans are conflicted because while they’re happy Jason Jordan is getting this new shot and they love Kurt Angle this new development is a tough pill to swallow.

Some have speculated Angle and Jordan might morph this father/son dynamic into being a great heel entity. But others are still holding out hope this story will eventually grow on fans and they’ll cheer Jason. It’s obvious WWE wants us to cheer for Jason Jordan, but something just doesn’t seem right about it.

The former American Alpha member was stiff in his delivery during Miz TV and even though he ended up suplexing Miz into Dallas and Axel the crowd just didn’t seem to buy it. It’s certainly not going over the way WWE would like it to.

Rich Bocchini recently brought up the fact on MLW Radio if WWE wants fans to hate Jason Jordan then they might be on the right track. But they’re a long way from getting this gimmick over.

“It’s almost like they took stuff that they wrote for Roman Reigns and said, ‘you know what? Let’s give it to Jason Jordan'” Bocchini said. “It’s the same verbiage, it’s the same type of promos. Again, if the idea is to make Jordan so saccharine and sweet that eventually the crowd hates him and he becomes a heel and he goes to actually wrestling like he was doing with American Alpha maybe that’s the play here.”

Papa Kurt Angle keeps talking about how Jason is going to earn his opportunities and the same verbiage is coming out of Jordan. It might make sense for them to eventually go back on those comments and display some nepotism. One thing’s for sure, WWE needs to do something because this can’t be the kind of attention they were looking for.

If you use any portion of quotes in this article please credit MLW Radio with a H/T to Still Real To Us for the transcription