Many jabronis have fallen to The People’s Elbow and with good reason. The People’s Elbow is the most electrifying move in sports entertainment and no one else but The Rock could pull it off. This move has won him championship after championship and it’s also electrified the millions and millions of The Rock’s fans all over the world. May have tried to imitate it but no one can ever duplicate. Without further delay, let’s show The People’s Elbow the appreciated it deserves.


What do you do when Ken Shamrock is being a jabroni? Hit him with The People’s Elbow. 


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What do you do when The Undertaker won’t stay down? Kick him and then hit him with The People’s Elbow.


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What do you do when The British Bulldog (R.I.P.) isn’t willing to know his role and shut his mouth? Hit him with the most EPIC People’s Elbow of all time.


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What do you do when John Cena thinks he’s worthy enough to use The People’s Elbow? You bypass The People’s Elbow, send him straight to hell with the Rock Bottom and pin that jabroni 1-2-3 at WrestleMania.


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Well that was fun. Let’s have a beer.


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