paul heyman

Times are certainly changing in WWE as Vince McMahon has retired and a new regime has taken over with Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan as co-CEO and Triple H in charge of WWE creaitve.

The wrestling world is still reacting to Vince McMahon’s big retirement announcement and during an appearance on the MackMania podcast Paul Heyman made it clear that he has nothing bad to say about Vince.

“I have absolutely nothing bad to say about Vince McMahon. What a hypocrite I would be to say anything less than extraordinarily complementary about that man. His work ethic, his willingness to put in 20, 22 hours a day, every day, seven days a week, 365 days a year for 40 years is why we are all fabulously wealthy, and will never get the credit nor the understanding that he deserves and that he earned.”

Paul Heyman went on to say that he is fully supportive of the new regime. He also discussed his time working as Executive Director of Raw in 2019 and he recalled what Vince McMahon told him when he took the job.

“Fully supportive of the new regime. They understand the task at hand and the people that are involved right now at steering this ship were prepared to steer this ship by Vince McMahon. When I took the job as executive director, I asked Vince, ‘What is the greatest service that I can give this company in this role?’ … His answer was, ‘Get your successor ready in case you drop dead, because the show goes on with or without you.’ And he looked me straight in the eyes and he says, ‘Because the show goes on without me. With or without me.’ And he meant it.”

H/T Wrestling Inc.