Paul Heyman was recently confirmed for a big role with WWE, as the company announced that he will be the Executive Director of Monday Night Raw moving forward.

According to the official announcement, Paul Heyman will oversee all aspects of the brand, and he will report directly to Vince McMahon.

Fans are waiting to see what type of changes Heyman might make, and during a live show with Inside The Ropes he explained the approach that he takes while writing storylines.

“The way that I like to write things is very long-term. I want to know where I’m going. I’ve never written the first page of the story and then figured it out along the way. I always write the end first. It’s just my training and it’s just the way I see things. Here’s the finish, here’s what we’re going to do next year at WrestleMania, here’s how we close WrestleMania, now here’s how we get there.”

It will be interesting to see if WWE starts doing more long term storytelling with Heyman in charge of Raw, but at this point only time will tell.

H/T 411 Mania