brock lesnar

For years CM Punk’s 434 day WWE Title reign was considered a big deal, but Brock Lesnar has shattered Punk’s reign as he’s been holding the Universal Championship for 503 days and counting.

Even though Brock’s reign has been longer, he hasn’t defended his title nearly as many times as Punk did, and he rarely appears on WWE programming.

However, while speaking about both title reigns on WFAN’s Benigno & Roberts Show, Paul Heyman noted from a business standpoint Lesnar’s reign has been more successful.

“What was the stock when CM Punk was champion? What’s the stock now? I have news for everybody: I know this will come as a shock… this is something fans hate to hear. Ready? It’s a business,” said Heyman via Wrestling Inc. “It’s a business. So, the stock, when CM Punk was champion, was, what 19, 20, 21? The stock is now 80! 80 dollars per share! Who was the main event at WrestleMania? Who was the main event at SummerSlam? Who’s the most featured performer? Who’s on all the billboards? Who’s on all the posters? Brock Lesnar.”

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