NXT TakeOver: Chicago was an event that had plenty of ramifications. It was a night full of surprising action and intense matchups. During the show, Hideo Itami tried his best to topple Bobby Roode and become the next NXT Champion. But the former Kenta was unsuccessful in his attempt to take the NXT Title. When Hideo appeared at the NXT tapings at Full Sail University he intended on making an impression.

Hideo faced off against Oney Lorcan and he showed a new aggressive side. He started to give punishment and didn’t let up. Eventually, Kassius Ohno had to come down and put a stop to it. But we have a feeling this is just the first we’ve seen of the new Hideo Itami.

The match was ruled a no contest and Hideo Itami walked away after making sure his message was made. Hideo has apparently had a change of heart and he’s not playing around anymore. He obviously wants to make it back up the roster to get another shot at NXT’s top title.

Speaking of the NXT Title, Roderick Strong came out to throw his hat in the ring to challenge Bobby Roode for his Glorious title. Strong had a big night at TakeOver: Chicago too when he defeated Eric Young of SAnitY.

Strong and his fiance Marina Shafir recently had a son named Troy and Roddy said his family is facing the entire world. He went on to talk about how he was stepping up to take Bobby Roode’s title.

Bobby Roode came out when he had heard enough. The Glorious One was laughing at the thought of Roderick Strong beating him for his title. Roode needs to take Roddy more seriously because it sure sounds like he means business.

Bobby Roode said Roderick Strong is a good hand and has potential. He went on to say that if he worked at it then maybe someday they could take a selfie together. But Bobby Roode still doesn’t think Roderick can take the NXT Title. Try telling Strong that, because it doesn’t sound like he was joking in the slightest. In the end, Bobby told Roddy not to play the Glorious lottery.