When Vince McMahon announced that he was launching the XFL back in 2001, people thought he was crazy. Well, it looks like Vince is going to give the world reason to believe he’s crazy once again, because he’s bringing the XFL back.

The league got off to a hot start, but its downfall was well documented in the ESPN 30 For 30 documentary “This Was The XFL.”

PWInsider is now reporting that WWE’s production team has been working on video packages to promote the return of the league, and the current plan is for the XFL to return in 2020.

The original launch of the XFL took place quickly after the league was announced, but Vince doesn’t want to make the same mistake twice, so he’s taking his time to build a proper infrastructure with the right coaches and players.

In 2017 Vince McMahon launched a new company called Alpha Entertainment which is set to function as a vehicle for him to pursue other business interests outside of WWE, including the relaunch of the XFL.

It seems that this time around Vince will be trying his best to make sure that the XFL and WWE are two completely separate entities, but it’s interesting to note that the WWE production team is working on video packages for the league.

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