wwe 2k18

We’re only a few weeks away from the release of WWE 2K18 and the roster is loaded with stars from Raw, SmackDown Live, NXT and legends from the past. Over the past few weeks several videos showing entrances have been released, and no IGN has unleashed a gameplay trailer on the world which can be viewed below.

Disco Inferno was recently a guest on Sitting Ringside with David Penzer and he talked a little bit about the pressure that Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara were under when they were trying to increase ratings for WCW.

Disco noted that their contracts included salary incentives based on the ratings which is why they were thinking short term when they wrote the shows.

“This is the thing that people don’t know about Vince (Russo) and Ed (Ferrara). When they were brought in their salary was based off incentives based off ratings. But when you’re brought in to get ratings up you’re not thinking, ‘what can I do in nine months so we can make Prince Iaukea’ a star?’ You’re thinking, ‘what can I do to bring the ratings up from a 2.5 to a 2.7 in the shortest possible time?’

“Based on that, they were writing in different conditions in WCW than what they were writing in New York. They were just trying to get ratings. So, a lot of our (WCW) TV looked like what can we throw up on the wall and see what sticks, but that’s what they had to do based on what their contracts looked like. Vince and Ed both said that after six weeks on the job, WCW was on them about getting the numbers up.”