If you’re a wrestling fan then you’re probably well award that Titus O’Neil has been suspended from WWE for 60 days. Titus got into an altercation with Vince McMahon following Daniel Bryan’s retirement speech last Monday. Titus grabbed Vince’s arm in what was said to be a playful exchange but McMahon made an example out of O’Neil and suspended him for unprofessional conduct.

The suspension has been met with a lot of negative backlash from fans with some even going as far as to accuse WWE of being racist. Titus O’Neil’s suspension was originally set to last 90 days before being reduced to 60 and it’s also been reported that Vince McMahon wanted to fire Titus altogether over the incident.

Now some new footage from the altercation has hit the Internet but it shows a much clearer look at Vince’s reaction. Check it out below.

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You can also check out the exchange from the other side of the stage below.