shawn michaels

It’s no big secret that Shawn Michaels used to be wild in his younger days. Back in the day Shawn Michaels posed for Playgirl, and he bared it all, but he strategically placed the WWE Championship over his junk so that his genitals weren’t exposed to the entire world. The photo has since become infamous, and The New Day decided to recreate the picture with their newly won SmackDown Tag Team Titles during a recent photo shoot.

Jay Lethal has had quite the run with Ring of Honor, but many fans are wondering if he will ever sign with WWE. Samoa Joe mentioned that he would love to see Lethal join WWE in a recent interview, but during a recent chat with Wrestling Radio, Lethal said that he’s had limited conversations with the company.

“Samoa Joe is a big bully and he just wants me on the same roster he is so I can carry his bags. (laughs) Joe is amazing! I’ve had very, very, very limited conversations with anyone from the WWE. Neither of whcih lead to anything major or with any kind of promise. Mostly because, I’m extremely happy with where I am right now. I think every wrestler has different goals as to what making it is in wrestling and that will make you persue options a little bit more. I’m extremely happy with everything that I have been able to do in wrestling which makes me extremely happy where I am right now which is in Ring of Honor.”