On Saturday night the AEW Full Gear pay-per-view aired live and Toni Storm defended the interim AEW Women’s Championship against Jamie Hayter.

During the match Toni Storm was on the ropes and Rebel hit her in the head with the AEW Women’s Championship. Jamie Hayter hit a sliding lariat, but Storm kicked out. The referee saw Rebel holding the belt and he sent her to the back. Rebel dropped the belt at ringside on the way out.

Storm got knocked to the outside and a person in a hood came out of nowhere and stomped her into the title belt. The person removed their hoodie and revealed themselves to be Britt Baker. Hayter then hit Storm Zero on Toni Storm, but she kicked out.

Toni Storm hit Storm Zero on Hayter, but Hayter kicked out. Britt Baker got on the apron and Storm knocked her off. Hayter brawled with Storm as Britt Baker removed a turnbuckle pad. Hayter sent Storm head first into the exposed turnbuckle then hit her with a lariat to win the belt.