bray wyatt

For months now WWE has been teasing the arrival of a new group via cryptic QR codes. Last week a new code debuted which led fans to a countdown clock. The clock came to an end as Raw began and the clock was replaced by the words “we’re here.”

The main event of Monday Night Raw was a triple threat Money in the Bank qualifying match which saw Jey Uso, Finn Balor and Rey Mysterio face off. During the match Dominik Mysterio, Carlito and JD McDonagh interfered as they ganged up on Rey Mysterio. However, Braun Strowman made the save and chased them away from the ringside area.

Shortly after Jey Uso pinned Finn Balor after a top rope splash and picked up the win to qualify for the Money in the Bank ladder match. After the match Jey Uso made his way into the crowd and he celebrated with the fans then the lights started to go out.

The fans held up their cellphones as the opening piano notes from Bray Wyatt’s most recent entrance song rang out. The door Bray Wyatt used for his entrance was shown at the top of the ramp. A woman who appeared to be Nikki Cross started to crawl through the door as the ground was covered in smoke. She crawled up to a lantern then stood up and pointed toward the door.

The camera went behind the door to show the backstage area covered in smoke and numerous bodies laid out. A man who appeared to be Erick Rowan wearing a bunny mask was shown holding a hammer. People were on the floor in the Gorilla Position backstage which was destroyed as sparks started shooting from the ceiling. Another person in a mask was shown sitting in the room. As the camera exited the Gorilla Position another person wearing a mask was shown then the camera cut to Chad Gable knocked out on the ground.

Uncle Howdy then appeared and walked by the people in masks as they followed him. He made his way out into the arena and smiled. Uncle Howdy held up the lantern and the other members of the group stood beside him as he said “we’re here” then blew out the lantern as Raw went off the air.

WWE has been teasing the group for months and it’s believed that the members of the group consist of Bo Dallas, Nikki Cross, Erick Rowan, Joe Gacy and Dexter Lumis.