It’s been over a year since Neville left WWE, but he was released from his contract a few months ago, and he recently returned to the wrestling world and is currently wrestling for Dragon Gate.

When Neville left WWE fans had a lot of questions, and luckily the former Cruiserweight Champion has decided to give the fans some answers.

He held a Q&A session on Instagram, and when the former WWE Superstar was asked why he left the company he straight up said he had issues with the booking.

“I disagreed with the booking.”

When asked if he hates WWE, he said that he doesn’t, but reiterated that there were issues with creative.

“No, they gave me the opportunity to shine and shine I did. The lads over there are great but they ran out of ideas for me, so I left.”

Fans who are hoping to see Neville return to the United States in the near future are sure to be disappointed as he simply said “no” when asked if there are any US companies he’s interested in working with.

So there you have it, Neville has finally put all of the rumors and speculation to rest by confirming why he left.

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