eva marie

For weeks now WWE has been airing vignettes promoting the return of Eva Marie, and last week she was advertised for a match against Naomi. Instead Eva Marie’s new muscle wrestled in her place, and the former Piper Niven dominated Naomi last week on Raw, then Eva Marie declared herself as the winner.

This week Eva Marie was interviewed backstage, and she revealed that Piper Niven will be known as Doudrop moving forward. The name had been rumored and on Raw it was confirmed.

Eva Marie and Doudrop then competed in a tag team match against Naomi and Asuka with the stipulation being that the winners would qualify for the women’s Money in the Bank ladder match.

During the match Eva Marie didn’t even stand on the apron, she stood at ringside as Doudrop battled both Naomi and Asuka. Eventually Eva Marie tagged herself in while Doudrop was dominating, and she immediately tried to pin Naomi, then tried to tag out after Naomi kicked out.

Eva Marie went for the tag, but Doudrop got off the apron, then Naomi rolled Eva Marie up for the win, and in the process Naomi and Asuka qualified for Money in the Bank. Eva Marie looked on stunned as the segment came to an end.