The Orlando Sentinel recently interviewed MVP. You can read some highlights below:

On TNA’s past and hitting reset: “Before I agreed to come on board, we had some pretty intense talks about what the vision was, what they were trying to accomplish. I’ll be the first to tell you as someone who works for TNA – proudly I may add – in the past, there were certainly questionable decisions that had been made and a lot of that criticism I would say was just. However, it seems now that there’s sort of a reset button being pushed. And there’s a drive to add new, fresh faces, new talent and going in a slightly new direction. When that was explained to me and the goal they were trying to accomplish, I said that sounds good to me.”

On coming home to Miami for Lockdown: “It’s not just coming home to Miami, it’s coming home to Miami with a new company, a new attitude and the fact that we’re at BankUnited Center which is in Coral Gables where the University of Miami Hurricanes play. As a matter of fact, I’m going to wear a Hurricanes jersey out to the ring. I’m going to wear my orange, green and white Hurricane ring gear with a jersey on top because it’s all about The U. And The U invented swag and in professional wrestling, nobody has more swag than MVP.”

On leaving WWE: “My dream was to wrestle in Japan, my goal was to wrestle for WWE. So it was pretty spectacular when I asked for my release and was told OK, the door is open for you to come back when you’re ready. When I got over to Japan, I had the time of my life. It was everything I dreamed it would be.”