In what’s being considered a controversial move by most, WWE suspended Titus O’Neil this week for unprofessional conduct. At the end of Daniel Bryan’s retirement celebration on Monday, Titus grabbed Vince McMahon in a playful manner. Vince then pushed Titus away and it seemed like everything was good until Titus was suspended.

Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that the reason Titus grabbed Vince is because he was trying to allow Stephanie McMahon to exit the stage first. Titus apparently grabbed Vince and said “ladies first” as he was trying to be a gentlemen. But it seems that the gesture was misunderstood.

You can see the altercation in the clip below.

O’Neil was originally suspended for 90 days but his suspension has now been reduced to only 60 days. He seems to be staying positive as he continues to post inspirational messages on social media. He posted the following on Instagram earlier today:

“Titus 2:7 In all things shewing thyself a pattern of good works: in doctrine shewing uncorruptness, gravity, sincerity!Be committed to God’s Purpose on your life and even in the midst of Trials&Tribulations Keep Your Class,Character&Commitment Strong towards The Good that God has Clearly Called you to Perform. Be The light in someone’s life today👍🏽☺️#ContentOfCharacter #Blessed #Faith #NoWeapon”