mickie james

Last week WWE released a total of 10 talents, including former WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James. Fans were surprised to see that WWE let Mickie James go, and they were even more shocked when Mickie revealed that her ring gear had been sent to her in a trash bag.

Mickie took to Twitter to share a photo of the trash bag, and Triple H later responded by noting that the employee responsible for the disrespectful behavior had been fired.

Stephanie McMahon also responded to Mickie James on Twitter and noted that she was embarrassed. She personally apologized on behalf of WWE, and Mickie James reacted to Stephanie’s apology when she posted the following:

“Thank you Stephanie. I appreciate that as I am equally embarrassed. I know this wasn’t a malicious act. However it did feel very symbolic to how I was presented in the last 3 years.”

Stay tuned for updates as they become available.