roman reigns

Someone is out to get Roman Reigns, as he was involved in a backstage incident last week on SmackDown Live, and this week on Raw he was involved in a hit and run.

WWE posted a storyline update on Roman’s status following the attack that reads as follows:

“Roman Reigns was involved in a hit-and-run earlier tonight in the parking lot of Monday Night Raw. He narrowly escaped what could have been a permanent injury but was checked out by WWE medical staff and released to appear tomorrow night in Detroit for SmackDown LIVE.”

It’s expected that Roman’s mystery attacker will be revealed tonight on SmackDown, and the attacker is rumored to be Daniel Bryan.

It’s worth noting that Erick Rowan was spotted in the background wearing a black hoodie when WWE showed a replay of the attack from SmackDown on Raw this week.

Following Raw Roman commented on the attack when he posted the following: