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The battle between Impact Wrestling and House Hardy rages on, and it doesn’t look like this great war will be coming to an end anytime soon. Impact Wrestling officials believe the company owns the rights to the Broken Universe, but Matt Hardy is disputing that claim, and both sides have been going back and forth on social media for months now.

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Last year talk about the Broken Universe spread throughout the wrestling community like wildfire thanks to The Final Deletion. Everyone was talking about Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero, but there are other members of House Hardy who also contributed and made the Broken Universe something special.

One of the key House Hardy members who played a big role in the Broken Universe is none other than Senor Benjamin. Fans who have seen The Final Deletion know that no one else knows how to prepare a battlefield quite like Senor Benjamin does, and fans are hoping to see more of him on TV.

One fan brought a Senor Benjamin sign to Raw this week, and Benjamin himself thanked the fan on Twitter.

The wonderful tweet inspired Matt Hardy to divulge some more information about House Hardy’s run with Impact Wrestling, and he says that not only was Senor Benjamin not paid by Impact, he also never signed a release form.


  1. I’ve said it since 2002, TNA will always be “the enemy” according to the media. It doesn’t matter if Jarrett runs it, Corgan runs is, Carter runs it, or Anthem runs it, and those involved at the time will be depicted as evil. Regardless, the very fact that the Hardys are being backed universally by the press (who generally hated the Broken gimmick until they left TNA) confirms the bias. Not one reporter or news site has commented that Reby and Matt have damaged their case with their constant twitter rants, as well as the “F*** that Owl” shirts Hardy Brand sold using a depiction of the copyrighted Impact logo. When WWE copyrights names and gimmicks, nobody complains, except the talent themselves sometimes, and they usually do well without their gimmick or WWE name and reinvent themselves. Hall, Nash, and Hollywood Hogan going to WCW are easy examples. Why is the broken gimmick so important? Are the Hardys so untalented that they can’t do anything else? Well, yes. Matt is either a dull heel or just “the charismatic enigma Jeff Hardy’s dull brother” and broken Matt has been his only interesting character. In the end, Anthem should take pity on the talentless Matt and Reby and give them their gimmick so the press can find something else Impact related to complain about.