If you haven’t been watching TNA as of late then you’ve been missing some epic heel work by Matt Hardy. The former TNA World Champion Matt Hardy is broken now, and he’s been on a quest to destroy his brother Jeff Hardy.

Matt Hardy now talks with an accent and half of his hair has been dyed and he now has permanent resting bitch face. Everything he does now is over the top and it’s either legitimately good, or so bad that it’s good. I haven’t quite decided yet. Either way, it’s entertaining.

TMZ recently spoke to broken Matt Hardy about CM Punk’s upcoming UFC fight against Mickey Gall and of course he didn’t break character because that’s not something Matt Hardy does nowadays. The fight is set to take place at UFC 203 in September and Hardy was asked if he thinks Punk will be able to make the transition from wrestling to MMA.

Hardy tried to tell TMZ that he doesn’t care about the fight, but they persisted. They asked him whether or not he thinks Punk will win or lose at UFC 203 and Hardy says CM Punk may very well be deleted and then he just started screaming, “Delete! Delete! Delete!”

It’s glorious and you can check it out below.

Speaking of deletion, Matt Hardy will be taking on his brother Jeff Hardy in a match that’s being billed as “The Final Deletion” tonight on TNA Impact. The match will feature Jeff and Matt battling each other from Matt Hardy’s compound in North Carolina. It looks awesome and ridiculous and you can check out a preview for the match below.


Several people within the wrestling community have apparently already seen “The Final Deletion” as it’s being hyped up on social media.

This Monday on Raw The Wyatt Family invited WWE Tag Team Champions to their compound in the swamp. As you can see, several people in the wrestling world have already seen the “Final Deletion” match and that includes some WWE talents as well.

It was speculated on Wrestling Observer Radio that the inspiration for the Wyatt Family compound invite may have been inspired by the “Final Deletion” match.