Matt Hardy has been in the professional wrestling business for a long time, and he’s found a lot of success teaming with his brother Jeff Hardy. The Hardys have won numerous championships together, but they are currently working as singles competitors as Matt is in AEW, while Jeff is in WWE.

Over the years Matt Hardy has gone through several gimmick changes, but during a recent Twitch stream Matt noted that he would like to end his career teaming with his brother in AEW.

“The gimmick I would like to end my career on, and I’m pretty confident in saying this, I would like to finish my career teaming with my brother as the Hardy Boyz. Real life Matt and real life Jeff just doing our thing. That is, I feel like, a beautiful way to tie up a career. It’s probably going to be 30 years for both of us, probably over 30 years when it’s all said and done. To go out the way you came in, that’s super cool. I would like to finish my career with Jeff Hardy, my brother, as a team.

“To correct the record, I would love to have Jeff Hardy come to AEW just so we could team together and there’s a lot of great teams there. A proper Hardy Boyz vs. The Young Bucks feud would be amazing.”

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H/T Wrestling Inc.