A lot can be said about the last few years of WCW. The booking was erratic at best and in one of the most infamous decisions in professional wrestling history Vince Russo decided it would be a good idea to make well known actor David Arquette WCW World Champion. That decision has been talked about for many years now and many people believe it was the death of the WCW World Title. Whether you agree with the decision or not it certainly got a lot of people talking.

David Arquette was the star of a WCW endorsed movie called Ready To Rumble (which is a must see for any wrestling fan) which led to him being featured on WCW programming. Anyway one thing led to another and David Arquette won the WCW World Title from Jeff Jarrett in a tag team match. He would go on to defend the title in a triple threat WCW triple cage match against Diamond Dallas Page and Jeff Jarrett which due to the triple cage is a match that still gets brought quite a bit all these years later.

The triple cage makes for quite an interesting match as it’s such a grand concept. The match eventually becomes a huge clusterfuck but to be honest it’s pretty entertaining. There are some memorable spots in here and the match happens to be just as ridiculous as you would expect a triple cage match to be. If you’ve never seen it before we highly recommend you take a few minutes to watch and if you have seen it before it may be time to relive it all again!

The video below features the entire WCW Slamboree 2000 PPV but the triple cage match starts at the 2 hour and 27 minute mark. Enjoy!