mandy rose

Mandy Rose has been a regular on WWE programming ever since she joined the main roster with Absolution a few years ago, and she’s currently working with Sonya Deville as one half of Fire & Desire.

Corey Graves constantly tells fans that Mandy is “God’s greatest creation” and during an interview with The Wrap she was asked if she’s concerned about too much focus being put on her looks.

“No, I love it. It’s part of my character. It makes me who I am. I always said, even in Developmental, ‘Yeah, I’m the beauty and all that. I’m the hot one, the sexy one — but I also have the brains and the strength to back it up.’ So, that was my biggest thing.”

“It was a really good opportunity for me, but it was also a learning experience as well. I got put on with all the women who had been in the company for a very long time and had been doing this for a lot longer, and I’m the rookie starting. It’s such a more mainstream demographic that watches ‘Total Divas.’”

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