Malakai Black was released from his WWE contract back in June, but he wasted no time returning to the world of professional wrestling as he recently made his debut with AEW.

WWE’s booking has been criticized a lot over the last few years as it has sometimes made it hard for Superstars to build momentum, and during an interview with Metal Injection’s Squared Circle Pit podcast Black shared his honest opinion of WWE’s booking methods.

“That [joining AEW] was the immediate thought process. I was sick of it, even before everything went down. I loved my time in NXT, but I felt I did nothing of importance on the main roster. It was too much bipolar 50-50 booking, they would push me and pull me off TV.”

“Honestly, that’s [50-50 booking] the entire product right now. There’s nothing really consistent. Everything changes week to week, or is done to the point of beating it to death.”

It was originally reported that WWE had some interest in bringing Black back to the company, but obviously that won’t be happening. The former NXT Champion also revealed Zelina Vega’s reaction to his release, and you can get more on that here.

H/T Wrestling Inc.