When it comes to legendary professional wrestling venues, Madison Square Garden is considered to be WWE’s home, but it looks like the relationship between MSG management and WWE is being put to the test.

PWInsider is reporting that AAA is looking to hold an event at Madison Square Garden in September.

WWE would technically have the right of first refusal on the date based on their agreement with MSG, but it’s being reported that MSG management is unhappy with the fact that WWE has been running the majority of their New York City events at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Apparently the tipping point for MSG management was WWE announcing all of their WrestleMania 35 week events for the Barclays Center leaving nothing for Madison Square Garden.

It’s being said that MSG officials are more open than ever to the idea of working with other wrestling promotions, and have sent feelers out to different groups.

No other wrestling promotion has held an event in MSG since the McMahon family cultivated a relationship with the venue, although wrestling events have been held in the adjacent theater from time to time.

As noted, earlier this week WWE confirmed that The Undertaker will be appearing at the Madison Square Garden live event on July 7th.