lio rush

Lio Rush signed with WWE in 2017, and throughout his time with the company he fluctuated throughout the card working on a number of different shows, but last month he was released from the company.

At one point Rush was in a prominent spot on Monday Night Raw when he was working as the manager of Bobby Lashley, but then he disappeared from TV completely for months once they were split up.

Rush eventually resurfaced as part of the cruiserweight division, but the former Cruiserweight Champion recently told Sportskeeda that the whole time he was out he was waiting on a call from Vince McMahon.

Lio Rush went on to say that even though he didn’t get a call from Vince he did run into Vince at a TV taping and McMahon acknowledged him.

“I really don’t know. I have no idea. I mean, that first hiatus that I had from the company, I was dealing with Vince and, yeah, he had said that he was going to reach out to me at some point during my time at home but I just never got a call from anybody or heard anything from anybody so I was dealing with Vince at that point but then, once I came back to the company, and I started to wrestle for 205 Live again, being at the same tapings as Friday Night SmackDown on FOX, I saw Vince, I would see Vince all the time and he would just… He would say, you know, “Hey, good to see you hope you’re doing okay,” and stuff like that, so it felt like… Even though he didn’t really reach back out to me after the initial hiatus, it felt like he still acknowledged me, he still acknowledged the fact that I was away and now I’m back, so that was a good feeling to have from the boss.”

In regards to his relationship with Triple H, Lio Rush said that it was Triple H who brought him to NXT on USA Network. Rush added that he looked up to Triple H when he was a kid, but unfortunately they clashed heads a lot.

“Triple H… I don’t know if it ended on good terms or not because I feel like me and Hunter, we clashed heads a lot. We were always in disagreement as far as what the plan was for me and how he saw me as a character or how he saw me as an asset to the brand.

I feel like we were just always disagreeing all the time and it s****d because obviously I looked up to Triple H when I was a kid and stuff like that, so it was weird trying to break that separation from being an admirer of his but now, at the same time, I’m an employee of his and he is my boss, so it was hard for me to separate the two and it was kind of disappointing every time I had a conversation with him – but the lack of communication leading up to the initial release was with Hunter.

You know, I was having some back-and-forth conversations with him, and then, out of nowhere, it just kind of stopped four weeks. It just stopped. That’s how I knew that something was weird, something wasn’t right, and I felt like it was coming, my release was coming.”