kurt angle

Former WWE superstar Kurt Angle spoke to Jim Ross about a potential return to the promotion, chatting with the famed broadcaster on a recent edition of the “Ross Report.” Listen to the show here.

The Olympic gold medalist doesn’t hide the fact that he would like to return to WWE, and didn’t like the way TNA had booked him in the past year. Angle said despite being relatively happy under contract with a rival promotion for seven years, he’s ready to jump ship when the time comes.

However, Angle cannot meet with McMahon or anyone in WWE for that matter, since his TNA contract won’t allow him to talk to WWE. He also doesn’t know if WWE is still interested in him.

“I am interested in talking with WWE,” admitted Angle. “I do want to know what they have to say. I always said that I would finish off my career there, but I just don’t know right now.”

Ross asked Angle, who battled with addiction for the past several years, if WWE’s drug testing policies would be an issue for him.

“Not at this point,” Angle responded. “A year ago? Yes.”

Angle admitted while under prescriptions from doctors, he was taking painkillers and drinking alcohol while getting himself “in a lot of trouble.”

He said it was time for him to go clean, being sober for 11 months, and feels good these days. Angle also said contrary to beliefs, he would have no problem passing the physical test needed for a WWE comeback. He said he has no issues in his neck, and aims to fight back from his latest knee injury.

“There isn’t a physical that I won’t pass,” Angle declared.