kurt angle

Kurt Angle has been in some of the most grueling matches imaginable. His legacy in pro wrestling has left a path of highspots, accolades, and a broken freaking neck in its wake. Now Angle is sitting pretty as a WWE Hall Of Famer and General Manager of Raw.

He is obviously having a great time being a part of the WWE Universe once more and he recently took some time out of his busy schedule to partake in a Facebook Q&A where he fielded some great questions.

Kurt Angle has faced the best of the best throughout his career and has taken many legendary finishing moves from Eddie Guerrero to Hulk Hogan. But when asked what was the most painful finishing move he has ever been given in the ring, he had to give the award to The Undertaker.

“The Last Ride. It’s like getting shot in the chest. Undertaker is 7 feet tall…when he lifts you over his head, you’re 8 feet in the air. It’s a long ride down to the canvas.”

Not only has Kurt Angle won a ton of championships in his pro wrestling career but he has also participated in just about every gimmick match you can think of as well. But when he was asked what his favorite stipulation was he had to say it was an Ironman Match.

“One on one Ironman Match. It’s the only way to separate the men from the boys. I’ve done 4 or 5 in my entire career. That’s when you know how good you truly are. Ironman Match!”

Kurt Angle lost to Chris Benoit and Brock Lesnar in Ironman Matches in the past and tied Shawn Michaels in a contest as well. Those matches will live on as three of the best examples of Ironman Matches even though WWE will never include the Benoit one in a collection on the WWE Network. But obviously, those encounters were something special for Angle and he’s not alone in that feeling.