kurt angle

Roman Reigns is one of the most divisive figures in all of professional wrestling right now, because half of the audience cheers, him while the other half boos him.

Kurt Angle sees the reaction that Roman Reigns gets on a weekly basis, and during a recent Q&A session the WWE Hall of Famer weighed on in whether or not he thinks WWE should pull the trigger on a heel turn for Reigns.

“Yes and no. The fans continue to respond to Roman…whether it’s a positive or negative response. Fans CARE about him. Whether he stays face or turns heel, he will always be “the guy”. He gets a huge response every time he comes out to the stage. It’s called popularity. And he’s really good. I put him up there as top 5 in the biz today. Period!!!!”

Another fan also asked Kurt who he considers to be his modern day successor, and he named Seth Rollins, AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose.

“Seth Rollins, AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose. They are all main eventers and fan favorites. But they also have the leverage to NOT always be in the main events. They have become attractions when they’re not competing for the World Title. Versatility is important in this business. You don’t always want to be vying for the title. When fans adore you regardless of where you are on the card, you’ve done it right.”

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