The Bloodline have been one of the most dominant groups in all of WWE over the last few years and they’ve taken down countless opponents. Recently Solo Sikoa has recruited Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa and they’ve joined the group while Roman Reigns is away.

Kevin Owens has been feuding with The Bloodline for years now, but he doesn’t seem to have much respect for this new iteration of the group. During a recent appearance on The Bump, Kevin Owens talked about the new members while referring to the group as a “bootleg Bloodline.”

“Yeah, well, it’s a bootleg Bloodline. No matter what’s happened between me and Roman Reigns and The Usos and everything, I have an incredible amount of respect for those guys because they’ve been on the road. They’ve done everything we’ve done, I’ve been all over the world with them.”

“Tama Tonga, I don’t know him. I know he’s been wrestling for a long time, but I have no idea. Up until he showed up until a few weeks ago, I’d never met the guy. I’d never been around him. I don’t know.”

“To come in the way they did, just a real coward’s way. I don’t know, even Solo, he’s been around for a few years, nothing like The Usos, nothing like Roman. I don’t respect this Bloodline. I don’t.”

Owens also indicated that his feud with The Bloodline is far from over when he added, “I think that’s, ‘Welcome to WWE. Welcome to being in the ring with Kevin Owens and Randy Orton.’ There’s a lot more where that came from. Look, I’m obviously not done with The Bloodline, and this is one of many very bad things that are going to happen to Tama Tonga.”

H/T Fightful