Ken Anderson was recently a guest on the This Is Awesome Wrestling podcast where he talked about his now infamous “F**k TNA” comment. A few weeks ago there was a video clip making the rounds on the Internet which showed Anderson at an ICW event saying he doesn’t work for TNA anymore followed by the colorful language. But that was all the clip showed. According to Anderson he was working as a heel and the comment was part of a bigger promo.

“It was taken completely out of context, for one. I was working a show in Scotland; it was an adult show. The crowd sorta reminds me of an ECW crowd. For a wrestling promotion called ICW. It’s huge in Scotland. And the crowd starting chanting, ‘F**k TNA’, at the top of their lungs. Five, six hundred people in the audience. And I was playing the role of a heel that night. A lot of times when I go out to the ring, I’ll get a good reaction from the crowd because they know my gimmick and they wanna sing along with it and they wanna do it. And so, I got that reaction when I went out there. And then they started chanting ‘F**k TNA’. So I just said, ‘Well, I don’t work for them anymore, so yeah, f**k TNA.’ At which point, they popped.

And then I said, and this was mysteriously left out of the video. First of all, whoever posted the video posted, from what I hear and I haven’t watched it, but I hear it’s about eight seconds long or something like that. And it looks like I’m on a soapbox. ‘Yeah, I’m Ken Anderson. I don’t work for TNA. F**k TNA.’ Well, I wasn’t that at all. It was, ‘Yeah, you guys say F**k TNA. F**k TNA.’ And then I said, ‘But your opinion means squat to me, so f**k every each one of you too.’ Of course, they left all of that too. I’m a heel and recognizable that they have seen me on TV before. One of those situations where you give it to them and then you take it away from them. That’s all I was doing. It was spur the moment thing. It wasn’t a planned thing.”

You can check out the full interview here.