When Kaitlyn first debuted on the WWE main roster she quickly became one of the stars to watch in the women’s division, and it wasn’t long before she captured the WWE Divas Championship. However, Kaitlyn’s run with WWE ended somewhat abruptly when she parted ways with the company in 2014 and stopped wrestling.

Recently Kaitlyn, real name Celeste Bonin, appeared on The Sessions with Renee Paquette and she opened up about what was going through her head when she asked to be released from WWE.

“I left wrestling because I thought I was gonna get fired, I felt less and less relevant, I had so much shame. I gained all this weight and my body was giving me every signal that I was just not OK, emotionally, mentally, I just had so much hatred for myself.”

“I had so much resentment towards myself and that projected outwards and like, I was in self-destruct mode. So, I just asked for my release on a day…it was just like a really shitty day. I was so disassociated with so much from that day, because it was just so painful. I didn’t understand why I was doing these things, I just was like, ‘I don’t know how to do what I wanna do’ and for a long time, I hated the way that I left. Because I ripped myself out of the only love and support that I’ve had really my whole life.”

Eventually Kaitlyn did return to WWE to compete in the Mae Young Classic in 2018, but it’s unclear at this point in time if we could see her make more appearances on WWE programming in the future. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

H/T WrestleZone