jon moxley

When Jon Moxley was first trying to make a name for himself as Dean Ambrose in WWE he kicked off a feud with Hall of Famer Mick Foley that played out on social media. Unfortunately the feud never really went anywhere and Moxley ultimately ended up debuting as a member of The Shield on the main roster.

During a recent appearance on Wrestling Observer Radio the former AEW Champion opened up about the feud, and he explained why he thinks it’s actually better that it didn’t get off the ground.

“In retrospect it’s actually better that me and Foley just remains a total dream match feud. If 90s Mick Foley and current or maybe a decade ago version of me if you do [a feud] with Mick Foley. For sure that would be the s**t. That’s some dream match s**t.

But at that exact time what would have actually happened was I would have come to the building and I would have had it all in my head exactly what I wanted to say. And I would have the promo in my head and the angle in my head and I would have had it all ready. It would have been very cemented in my head then they would have handed me a script.”