John Cena has been doing a lot of press to promote “Trainwreck” lately and everyone wants to know what the future holds for his career. Cena recently confirmed to MTV UK that he has no plans to leave WWE for Hollywood.

“My life is with WWE. And at 38 years old I tell everybody I feel as strong and as good as ever,”

“I think you can check out Monday Night Raw and watch any US Open challenge and my actions speak for themselves. When opportunities like this come up, I’m going to do it for the same reason that Dwayne has done what he’s done.”

“Him being such a success has just gotten more eyeballs on WWE and that’s my goal. So when opportunities like this come up, I’m going to go for it. But unlike Dwayne I won’t take a sabbatical to do so, I take nothing away from his accomplishments – he is the most successful WWE superstar ever.”