bullet club

A few weeks ago The Bullet Club got the wrestling world talking when they invaded Monday Night Raw. The Bullet Club got the fans all riled up outside the arena, and it appears that they got a few WWE officials riled up as well.

During the invasion WWE writer Jimmy Jacobs decided to make his way outside to pose for a selfie with his friends, but the powers that be didn’t like that, and Jacobs was then let go.

Luckily Jimmy Jacobs has a sense of humor, and he released a new t-shirt which featured the selfie that angered WWE officials, and Sunday night he took things one step further.

Jacobs was in attendance for ROH Global Wars on Sunday night, and he took another selfie with The Bullet Club. Check it out below.

Jacobs’ new thing seems to be calling himself an “unprofessional wrestler” as evidenced by his recently released shirt featuring the selfie.

He’s since released another shirt with the same theme.

With all of the talk going back and forth between Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns, and Jimmy Jacobs’ recent firing, it seems that we’re witnessing a war between The Bullet Club and WWE at the moment.