chris jericho

Anything can happen in the world of professional wrestling, and a few weeks ago reported that Chris Jericho and Jim Ross are working on launching their own wrestling company. Jericho quickly responded to the rumors when he posted the following on Twitter:

Jim Ross recently addressed rumors of him starting a new promotion on The Jim Ross Report, and he joked that he’s getting ready to launch the World Domino League.

“I’ve got to get something off my chest,” Ross said via Wrestling Inc. “I feel like I’m obligated to update folks on the rumor of me and others getting involved in a promotion. I am going to break the news here tonight that there will be a new promotion. I will be involved in it. I have some thousandaires who are also looking to invest in my new idea, the World Domino League where we will double sixes like a b—h. So we shake the bones in J.R.’s World Domino League. And stay tuned with more information coming, which is about as absurd as the rumors last week about all this data that was compiled. Jesus, almighty. Oh well. Fun stuff.”

With Ross calling the rumor “absurd” it doesn’t seem that he’s moving forward with the aforementioned wrestling promotion.