WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with a new blog on jrsbarbq.com. Here are some highlights:

– I thought Summer Slam was a really good show. From the untouchable broadcast opening, which no one in TV does better within their genre than WWE, to the jaw dropping main event that unleashed the legit beast that is Brock Lesnar, Summer Slam was a ‘transitional show’ that we may look back upon in the coming years and say that was the show that changed the course of WWE.

From developing Lesnar’s next opponent, and his future opponents, to watching the evolution of the next level of main event stars, this is going to be an interesting notwithstanding crucial time within WWE as it relates to their ‘creative’ direction but more importantly, in my eyes, their overall booking philosophy.

Regarding Lesnar’s dominating performance against Cena, too many people are already leaving/forgetting that performance and it’s impact to look a head and fixate on who’s next for Lesnar and how can it be possible that any one can ever beat him. Firstly, in the land of sports entertainment, a variety of things can occur to create the ‘impossible’ but my take on this is to see Lesnar sporadically defend the title, please don’t live or die on the “30 Day Rule,” while new challengers are being developed.

The new talents need time to refine their game and are works in progress, IE Reigns, Wyatts, etc, while there are other options such as a rejuvenated Big Show, for example, that might pose as an interesting attraction/challenger who would challenge Lesnar’s ability to execute the F5. It’s all a matter of presentation and execution. Remember that this is show biz where characters are created, refined, and repackaged. Great bookers have done far more with far less assets than WWE has at their finger tips. Cesaro and even Sheamus can be positioned as viable opponents too especially Cesaro with the @HeymanHustle connection.

Plus, now is the perfect time to add much needed equity to the IC and US Titles currently held by Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus, who I would turn heel, while Lesnar maintains his part time schedule of TV events. With Lesnar’s contract allegedly ending after WM30 now would be a great time for WWE to renegotiate with their new, Champion which might see them we able to add a few extra TV days to his itinerary if Lesnar’s willing. Nonetheless, WWE needs to firmly know where they stand with Lesnar long before the end of the year as they continue to plan for 2015….and perhaps they already do.