chris jericho

Donald Trump is always a hot topic, more so as of late, and there’s no denying that Trump has his fair share of supporters, some of which are quite famous.

The first ever AEW World Champion Chris Jericho seems to be a supporter of Donald Trump, as Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics recently pointed out that Jericho donated $38,360 to the Donald Trump campaign in 2020.

Jim Cornette took to Twitter to make it clear that he doesn’t approve of Chris Jericho’s choices when he posted the following:

“Looks like someone has too much money. Hmmmm, give money to crippled children, cancer research, abused animals? Naw, let’s give more than some people make per year to a criminal lunatic to help him shame the country & cause folks to die from disease & violence, that’s it!”

As of this writing Jericho has not responded to Cornette’s comments.