cm punk

For years CM Punk was one of the top stars in WWE, and he eventually became the longest reigning WWE Champion of the modern era when he held the belt for 434 days. But CM Punk put wrestling behind him in 2014 when he walked out on WWE the night after the Royal Rumble, and he hasn’t looked back since.

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Even though CM Punk doesn’t seem to miss wrestling, the wrestling world definitely misses him, and there are still fans out there who are hoping to see him return someday. Punk obviously isn’t on very good terms with WWE, but there are plenty of other places for wrestlers to work nowadays, so he has options if he does ever decide to return.

Jeff Jarrett is once again in charge of Impact Wrestling, and the promotion recently announced that they will be known as Global Force Wrestling going forward.

Jeff recently participated in a media conference call, and he was asked if the company has reached out to CM Punk about possibly returning to the ring.

“No, CM Punk, to my knowledge, no conversations that I’ve certainly had,” Jarrett said via Wrestling Inc. “But also [inaudible] my understanding he’s signed to a UFC situation and that’s where his energy is heading. Unbelievable talent. And I’ve said it when it first came out, hats off to the guy to step into that Octagon. Win, lose or draw, he’s a winner in my book for chasing his dreams.”

It was noted in the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that when ESPN asked Punk in Chicago if he misses wrestling, he responded by saying “Not at all.” Punk also said that WWE has sent lawyers after him because they’re mad that he “called them on their BS,” meaning that the lawsuit filed by Dr. Chris Amann is still going in.

CM Punk added that he hasn’t talked to Dana White in several months, but he does want to fight again, and he should know what’s next for him in the next one to two months.