jeff hardy

Jeff Hardy has been lucky enough to compete at WrestleMania many times throughout his career, and at WrestleMania 25 he faced off against his brother Matt Hardy in an Extreme Rules match.

The match only lasted 13 minutes, and during a recent appearance on Broken Skull Sessions the Charismatic Enigma revealed to Steve Austin that he was heated when he got backstage because he wanted more time.

“Me and Vince did have a conversation after that. I think he kind of liked that he saw how mad I was, because I was like throwing stuff, ‘I can’t believe we didn’t get to do that stuff we wanted to do.’ We did plenty, more than enough, but it was still… The passion within me really ignited that night after the match. I was really upset.”

When it was all said and done it was Matt Hardy who picked up the victory after he wrapped a steel chair around Jeff’s head and hit him with the Twist of Fate. The Twist of Fate has played a big role in the careers of Matt and Jeff Hardy, and Jeff also revealed that Matt is his favorite person to hit with the move.

“I was asked this recently, ‘Who’s your favorite person to hit the Twist of Fate on?’ I’m like, ‘My brother.’ Because when we’re teaming, he hits that Twist of Fate for me to hit that Swanton Bomb. So when he’s being a b***hole, like he can be, I love to hit him with it and then follow up with the Swanton. So yeah, it’s awesome, man.”

H/T Sportskeeda