jeff hardy

Jeff Hardy is a professional wrestling veteran, and throughout the course of his career fans have seen him switch things up a few times. During his WWE runs Jeff has pretty much stuck to being Jeff Hardy, but in TNA fans have seen him embrace different personas such as Brother Nero, and the infamous Willow The Wisp.

During a recent appearance on The Culture State Podcast Jeff Hardy talked about the Willow character, and he noted that a new Willow mask is currently being made.

“Speaking of Willow, I was just talking with the guy that makes these masks, who made it back then. He’s such an awesome mask maker and that’s now making this new Willow mask, and we were talking about the possibility of Willow entering the scene once again before my career is over.”

When the host noted that it would be exciting to see Jeff Hardy responded by saying, “Yeah, there we go. It’s gonna happen.”

Hardy was recently drafted from Raw to SmackDown in the draft, and during an interview on Raw this week he teased that fans could see a “different ego.” Jeff Hardy has previously used the Willow character in other promotions, and Willow had a run that lasted a few months in TNA back in 2014 that was met with a mixed reception from the fans.

Stay tuned for updates.

H/T Wrestling Inc.