broken matt hardy

Last year Jeff Hardy’s beautiful lawn was destroyed by Broken Matt Hardy during The Final Deletion, but Jeff has moved on, and he’s put together something that fans of the Broken Universe are sure to enjoy. The Hardys aren’t allowed to call themselves the Broken Hardys at the moment because GFW is still claiming ownership of the Broken Universe, but Jeff is keeping the legacy alive as he spelled out the word “obsolete” in his lawn. Check it out below.

MyBackYardIs. .((Obsolete))

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You can also check out an older photo which shows the view from the ground without the surrounding artwork below.

? . . ?

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Terry Funk has tried several times to retire, but he just can’t seem to do it. A few weeks ago the WWE Hall of Famer announced that he’s returning to the ring at 73 years old, and he recently spoke to the Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling podcast about his return and more.

During the interview Terry Funk talked about Ric Flair’s recent health issues, and he noted that he would love to go one on one with Ric Flair inside the ring one more time.

“I sent my regards to him and I wish him the best. It is very important to me that he comes along and to be very honest with you when you take a look at the old timers there are not many of us that are left and that are headed to the ring. I’d like to see Ric come back and come into the ring and I’d like to go into the ring with him. I really mean that. I’d like to have one more chance and basically I think Ric would like to be in the ring with me too. It is just like with Lawler, I am looking forward to this. It is very important to me and I have no intention of anything but coming out on top at the end of the night. It means a great deal to me because if I don’t than I’ll be totally upset with myself because this will probably be the very last time I get in the ring with him.”