Someone like JBL deserves our respect. He was not only one of the best parts of SmackDown Live for the longest time, but he also had an amazing run as WWE Champion.

But it doesn’t look like JBL has that high of an opinion of Wrestling Observer Newsletter writer Dave Meltzer, or at least he sees Meltzer as someone who would report on anything.

During SmackDown Live this week, a show which he should be announcing, JBL sent out a few tweets directed at Dave Meltzer after someone took a shot at Peter Rosenberg and Sam Roberts. It was nice of JBL that he came to Roberts and Rosenberg’s defense, but what followed were a few tweets that were pretty harshly directed at Dave Meltzer.

To be honest, this entire thing stemmed from a back-and-forth JBL was having with Bruce Prichard and a fan came at Peter Rosenberg and Sam Roberts out of nowhere like an RKO. JBL certainly dealt with his response in an interesting manner though.

If you ask Meltzer though, it isn’t bothering him. In fact, he sees it as a compliment.

But when a question was asked concerning JBL’s comments on Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez certainly came to his Meltzer’s defense in a big way.

“Listen, doesn’t this guy have better things to do with his life? He comes across as a complete geek going on Twitter and crying about information he was fed in the 90’s.”

“If you’re concerned about Dave’s reporting in the 90’s then there’s a million books out right now– a million of them written by guys that cover the Attitude Era that were there and were living through it. And if you want to go through those books and match everything up and find out all this alleged false info Dave that was fed you’re welcome to do so. If you read those books what you will discover is, in fact, Dave got it right most of the time. A vast majority of the time. I don’t think JBL is doing a lot of reading at the moment would be my guess.”

As it turns out JBL might have realized he tweeted too much because from all appearances it looks like he deleted two of his most bold tweets concerning Dave Meltzer.

Hopefully, this doesn’t result in anything horrible like JBL blocking me on Twitter because I’m really a fan and respect the man a lot. But it might be a good idea for Bradshaw to read things twice before hitting send and thinking about all manner of interpretation as well from now on.

If you use any portion of the quotes in this article please credit Wrestling Observer Live with a H/T to Still Real To Us for the transcription