nia jax

Nia Jax and Enzo Amore were part of a romantic storyline on WWE TV before the Cruiserweight Champion was released from the company earlier this week. It seems that Enzo not only ruined a storyline for himself, but he has also now left Nia without a storyline heading into WrestleMania season.

Even though Nia could easily pick up a feud in the upcoming Women’s Royal Rumble, it seems that WWE could be pushing her into another romantic storyline instead. The former NXT star posted the following on her Twitter account as it seems that she is getting closer to Drew Gulak.

Nia attacked Cedric Alexander a few days ago at a 205 Live event and it seems that she is making the move towards a permanent stay on the brand. The following image was from this weekend’s live events where it seems that she was once again working on the 205 Live roster.

Drew was originally part of the storyline with Nia and Enzo so it would make sense for her to move on to something with the cruiserweight star moving forward. Right now Gulak is trying to push forward with his campaign to be 205 Live General Manager and if he gets the job then it could be easy for him to introduce Nia to the brand.