jason jordan

A few months ago WWE finally revealed Kurt Angle’s big secret, and when he confessed his secret to the world he told wrestling fans that he had an illegitimate son who turned out to be Jason Jordan.

The response to the reveal has been mostly negative, and even though it doesn’t really seem as if the storyline has much direction right now, Jordan has still been getting a healthy push on Raw as of late.

DirtySheets.net reports that the reason why Jason Jordan is being pushed has to do with feedback from the WWE social media team.

Jason Jordan apparently has a huge female following on social media, which is second only to Roman Reigns.

American Alpha didn’t have the best run as a team on SmackDown Live, but when WWE officials noticed Jason Jordan’s huge female following, they decided that it was something they wanted to capitalize on.

It’s also being reported that the idea for illegitimate son reveal came about when company officials were trying to create ideas for Jason Jordan, not Kurt Angle.

Therefore Jordan wasn’t cast to play the role of Angle’s son, the storyline was written for him in attempt to fit Jordan into the main event scene, but obviously it hasn’t worked out the way the company hoped it would.