Jason David Frank who is well known for playing the Green Ranger as well as the White Ranger in the hit show Power Rangers has challenged CM Punk to a MMA fight. The two seem to be quite friendly with each other and Jason David Frank mentioned this a few times before. Jason David Frank has been a MMA fighter for quite some time now and he posted the following on his official Facebook page.

“So now that CM punk is out of his contracts and wants to do MMA. Why not me? He already said he fight me. I got this on video from a fan. Come on CM punk we could make this a awesome fight. Plus his weight is way down. This is a recent pic. I’ll make any weight to make this happen!! JDF @wizardworld”

A fan then wrote to Jason David Frank on what appears to be Instagram criticizing him for wanting to fight Punk. Frank quickly defended CM Punk.




Jason David Frank mentioned a few years ago that he would like to compete against CM Punk in a MMA match and you can see Punk’s response below.